Daniel is not only a great craftsman, he's also a husband and father of four. His business is a family endeavor. Daniel is at the head of the workshop and gets help from his two sons Miguel and Natanael, while his wife Claudia deals with the front end together with their two daughters, Claudia and Fiorella. Occasionally they enlist the help of other family members that live on the same street, most of whom have their own workshops as well.

To make their pieces Daniel and his family use local woods. Guanacaste, a semi-hard wood from a local tree is used mainly for tops and larger surfaces. They seek trees that have fallen down due to inclement weather, old age or deseases, giving them a new life through beautiful wood pieces.


They also use the wood from discarded coffee trees. Once a coffee tree no longer yields as much fruit as desired, they are ripped out of the ground and sold to be used mostly as fire wood. Daniel takes the trunks and branches from these trees, cleans them and uses them to build furniture. The result is not only a beautiful, unique piece full of texture and character, but also an eco-friendly design made out of discarded wood.


Through their hard work Daniel and Claudia have been able to provide all their children with proper formal education. While Natanael is still finishing high school his three oldest siblings are involved in engineering. Daniel is a Systems Engineer, Fiorella is an Electronics Engineer and Claudia is finishing her studies to become an Electric Engineer.

By buying Daniel's products you are supporting him and his family. Your support allows them to continue to provide their family with opportunities and education and for that we are all thankful.