José Ramón has been weaving cotton fabrics for many years. Weaving is not a family tradition for him, he was taught how to use the loom at a factory where he used to work. At this factory made fabrics that they would later assemble into hammocks for tourists to buy at the market in Masaya, a nearby town.

A couple of years ago the factory where José Ramón worked at shut down. Instead of looking for work at another factory he decided to build his own loom and go independent. He managed to get parts from some old looms they were discarding at the factory he had been working at and together with some wood scraps he had laying around he built his own loom. No one taught José Ramón how to build a loom. He figured it out himself after having fixed many times the one he operated at his old job.

Yesenia, José Ramón's wife was supportive of his new endeavor since day one. She saw the situation as an opportunity for them to gain economic independence, free José Ramón from long hours at an unsatisfying job and spend more time together. They both agree that having the loom just outside their house is a blessing as it allows them to spend more time with each other and with their two boys.

While José Ramón is the one that weaves on the loom, Yesenia helps him with the business side. She helps him sell their fabrics at the market and is always encouraging him innovate and come up with new ideas. 

José Ramón is currently in the process of building a second loom next to the one he has. He plans on hiring a neighbor to help him out so he can increase his production capacity.


José Ramón on the loom he built

José Ramón on the loom he built